Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Funny

This was on the same memory card with Friday's Foto of me sleeping with Gadget. Guess this is why he felt the need to get me back! Gizmo actually has her leg over top of Bruce's arm while they are both sleeping. I guess maybe we need to get rid of this comfy old leather couch since it seems to bring on sleep. And even for the cats! Actually no, I don't know if I will ever totally get rid of this furniture. We bought it used from friends of ours and it is the most comfortable and has held up great compared to other crap we have had over the years. I guess when I put new flooring in the living and dining rooms this winter I will just redecorate some because the furniture is here to stay! Why change something that is perfectly fine and functional? And still looks good. I think our friends got screwed on what they charged us for it! Oh well. That was over 6 years ago and I can't help it that they HATE the furniture they bought to replace it. They shouldn't have gotten rid of it. Everyone have a great Saturday. Get out and enjoy your day!
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