Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fotos

We are starting what may end up being a new family tradition for our immediate family this Christmas. We always celebrate with our kids on Christmas Eve and open presents so not much will change. But on Christmas morning this year instead of heading to my brother Rick's to spend the day playing pool and just hanging out with my brothers families, we will be piling 8 of us into Mom & Dad O's van and heading to Kansas City. I am so very excited. The plaza is just gorgeous all decorated for the holidays and it will so make my Christmas to be able to spend it with our children there. I will miss the "old" Christmas tradition somewhat, but it just hasn't been the same for me since 1999 when my Mom passed away. She really loved Christmas at the old house! So time for some new family traditions and I cannot wait for Cole, Ashley, and Taylor (and whichever friend Ty decides to take with) to see KC on Christmas. We will have so much fun and I really am hoping for a 70 degree Christmas weekend in Kansas City! Or else we will just pack all of warm crap and strap a couple of boys on the top of the van. Hey, it has a lot of room in it but not that much room for warm clothes for 8 people! Oh well. We will figure it out. I promise! Everyone have a great weekend!
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