Friday, February 22, 2008

Bart & Me

Came across this picture (even though kind of blurry) when transferring my pictures off of my camera. Here is my bro Bart and me on Christmas Day sitting in front of Rick's fireplace. Don't get enough of those "family" pictures taken. Nice & toasty warm it was!

Lunar Eclipse

Took some pictures of the lunar eclipse the other night. Pretty cool. This is one of them. It was quite a site to watch.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tired Ty

Ty stayed overnight with a friend last night after his basketball tournament (which I forgot the camera for) and this is how we found him when he got home this afternoon in his room. Apparently Gizmo was tired also and helping him nap!

Bruce At Work

We are remodeling our downstairs bathroom finally and here is Bruce drilling the holes for the shower fixtures this afternoon. For now we have 2 showers in there but only one that works. He is off the next couple days to work on and hopefully get a ton done on the new bathroom. Very exciting for me. I will have a walk in closet and everything. Never had that before.

Out My Window Today

This was taken out my front door window. Yes, depressing for sure. Don't know at this time how much we got but I shoveled a ton off of our deck and it is piled high again. I even had to clear off the bird feeder and break up the frozen seed so they could eat. Mr. Fat Squirrel got his fill also from the feeder once I loosened stuff up. I will have to get a picture of our "squirrel friend" that attacks my feeder all the time. We yell at him and tap on the windows and he really could give a crap less!!!!

Bremer County Gravel Roads

Bruce & I went out driving around this afternoon (yes, travel was not advised but we just HAD to check the roads out) and this is on our old gravel road to our old house. I was taking pictures of the drifts and then he pulled behind one of the drifts. Crazy! Are we done with winter yet?????????

Friday, February 15, 2008

Napping With Kitty's

Here is me napping on the couch and apparently Gizmo (top of couch) and Gadget thought it was a good idea, too. They love my fuzzy red Chiefs blankets.


Here is Kyle and his girlfriend Taylor. They were both "Sweetheart" candidates this year. It is like our winter formal. Taylor got runner up.

Iowa Winter

Yes, this picture is for real. Bruce took it a week or so ago when we had wind chills of 30-40 below. I don't think I've ever seen an outside thermometer go this low (20 below zero!). Iowa-gotta love it.

Ty Football

Tyler of course plays football also. Here is a picture from last year where he is carrying the ball which he does a lot. His 7th grade team did very well this year. His class has a lot of good athletes so it will be exciting to watch them in high school, too.

Kyle Football

Here is Kyle posing with the State Championship trophy. We won the football championship this year after finishing 2nd last year. Go Wapsie!

Lansing Bridge

Here is a beautiful winter picture of the Lansing Bridge taken January 13th. I personally hate to have to drive over or go under this bridge (Bruce thinks I'm crazy!) but it sure is pretty to look at!


Here is our houseboat, Ray & Tracy's, and Helen & Louie's houseboats frozen in the river. We went down and checked on the boats in January when we were in Lansing for the boater's brunch. Can't wait until the snow melts and we can open up our weekend home away from home. Soon.

Our Family

This is our family-picture taken at Bart & Sharon's in December at our "Odneal" Christmas get together.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Getting Started!

Just starting this blog thing. Stay tuned. Consider this a work in progress. Hopefully I don't bore everyone to death when I do post new stuff.