Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost Forgot!

Almost forgot to post this picture......Bill (Taylor's Dad) carried around these purses the whole time Joyce & I were taking pictures, so I had to get his picture before he handed them back over. I don't think they were his color!!!!!!!! Sorry Bill!

Proud Parents

Here are a couple pictures taken when we were about done at the high school of us with Kyle, and Taylor with her Mom & Dad-Bill & Joyce. They were on the planning committee and worked the after prom so they deserve a big pat on the back.

Prom 2008

Here are just a few pictures from Prom last night. Taylor's Mom & I decided we will have a fortune wrapped up just in developing our pictures. But they had a great time and Kyle delivered Uncle Louie's convertible back safely this afternoon. He also won money at "after Prom" and even offered it to me to help offset my cost for the evening. We told him to keep it but I was rather impressed by his offer. What a great kid. Glad they had so much fun. Sorry he had a bad steak at Bourbon Street. He should have complained. His Mom would have!!!!
By the way Taylor looked absolutely GORGEOUS and Kyle was the THE MOST HANDSOME guy there. What a great looking couple if I do say so myself.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Here is a picture of the cake Bruce once again got for me, and a picture of me and the boys. Maybe he's starting a tradition now with the cakes. He told me he had to get a 4 and a 0, because 40 candles on the cake might burn the house down. Very funny!!! Pretty uneventful night. Had dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's and then stopped and visited Louie & Helen and picked up the convertible for Kyle to drive for Prom this weekend. Him and Ty even put the top down on the way home from Raymond. BRRRR!!!! It wasn't that warm out.

Bathroom Update

Bruce & I grouted the bathroom tile Tuesday night. It looks really nice. Need to wipe over it a couple more times to get the haze done coming through, but getting there! Even got a potty back in yesterday so we don't have to go upstairs to the boys bathroom all the time. It was nice to shower in my own bathroom again this morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Big 4-0!!!!! :-(

Yep today is my birthday. Not in my thirties anymore. Here is a picture from last year-when I was 39! Bruce bought me a cake last year and I told him at the time I don't think I had a birthday cake since I was 13 years old. It was very sweet of him. This birthday doesn't seem to bother me, but I'm guessing when I hit 50 it will!

Empty Marina

Here is a picture of our boat in our slip in the marina. Also I took a picture of the marina and how empty it is this early in the year. In a couple weeks there will probably not even be an empty available slip. It was a nice, quiet weekend there for us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Official Houseboat Weekend

This is a picture of Bruce & I inside our houseboat Saturday night at the river. Louie & Helen were there and Kevin & Ann Quillin came from Waukon. We had a really good time. Glad to have boating season here again!


Snapped some pictures of some pelicans swimming about last Friday at the river before we moved our houseboat down to our slip. We saw about 5 at the same time I think. Rainy weather so I am surprised the pictures came out as good as they did.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Finally saw some finches at the finch feeder that Bruce put up for me in January. It is too early in the year for them to be very pretty, but I'm very glad that I will be having them to watch. I think I maybe should change the name of our blog to "Kay's Birds & Flower Pictures"!!!!! Oh well. Bruce can't say that I don't enjoy the camera he bought for me!


These were blooming on the south side of my house so had to snip them so I can enjoy them for a few days. They don't last very long and it doesn't look like I'm going to get many flowers off of them this year. Aren't they pretty? Another sure sign that spring might be here to stay. I hope anyways. Was in the 70's yesterday.

Mr. Squirrel

Yep he found the squirrel feeder but still likes the bird feeder also. Doesn't he look very comfortable lounging on the deck rail in the sunshine? I don't think we scare him a bit!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bathroom Update

Bruce got most of the ceramic tiled put down last night in the bathroom. Yeah progress! But he has all the cutting to do tonight and that will take quite a while since we did it diagonal and staggered. But it sure will look nice when done. Can't wait for the finished room!!

My Slobs

A tour of the upstairs boys bedrooms for dirty laundry yesterday netted me all these pop cans and plastic bottles. I think my boys drink way to much crap. And they just leave them lay around their rooms because they know Mom will pick it up because she can't stand looking at the mess. I told them I was going to embarass them by putting these pictures on the blog but I don't think it fazed either one of them! So here they are anyway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As everyone knows I got into scrapbooking this year and this is a page I did of some of the state championship football pictures for Kyle. I really love doing it but it is hard finding the time. Did a book for Cole for his birthday, and working on books for each kid and our personal one. My friend Missy does a ton of them and has some really cool ones. Hers put mine to shame but I'll get better!!! It did get me to get through ALL the boxes of pictures and such in the attic finally. That was a job well done in itself. :-)

Gadget The Squirrel Hunter

I finally had a squirrel come up to the feeder last night and Gadget was down below so I went to grab the camera and before I could snap a picture she had jumped up and surprised the squirrel and it took off. It was so hilarious. Then she climbed up and was checking out the squirrels scent I think. Yep, sorry for always posting pictures of birds and my cats. We love them though like family! (Our cats that is-not all the birds!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Squirrel Feeder

Okay I have turned into my father! Picked up this squirrel feeder yesterday so maybe they will leave my bird feeder and poor birds alone. As of this morning had not seen one go up to it yet. The lady at Norby's said that the squirrels at her house steel the whole cobs off. Bruce was giving me crap yesterday when I had the bag of cobs on the deck. He thought it would be funny if they stole the whole bag and took off with it. I just think he wanted to see me try and catch them with it! They boys both called me "gay" for buying the feeder. What's new?

Our Vanity & Medicine Cabinet

Yep Bruce and I went on an adventure of sorts Saturday. He wanted an unusual vanity for our bathroom so we went in search of a dresser or a buffet that he could cut down and make a vanity out of. As it happens we found this buffet/hutch that will work perfectly. We will have two sinks in the vanity and Bruce cut down and destroyed the top part of the hutch to make the medicine cabinet. He still has to figure out the doors for that but it will be great. And I made the mistake of buying some Old English scratch stuff and created a monster! He was even doing the woodwork in the house!!!!! So the bathroom got painted this weekend and he got the cement board down on the floor. Hopefully will lay the ceramic tile this week and grout. Heading to the houseboat Friday morning though for the weekend to get the houseboat opened up for the year so not sure how much we will get done this week with the boys Track meets and all. We shall see.

Birds From The Weekend

Yep gotta love the sight of birds hanging out. Spring weather has just got to be coming to stay! Especially after our "blizzard" on Saturday.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Election Year

Is everyone sick of the mud slinging already? Who are you voting for? I found this picture of the three in contention as of right now and thought it was funny. I did caucus for the first time this year. That was pretty interesting. I think we will all be sick of politics by the time November rolls around!!!

Mothers & Daughters

I found this hand written poem when I was going through a box of my Mom's from the attic last night. I'm guessing she wrote it, but maybe she got it from somewhere. Anyways, want to share it.
~~When you're a child, she walks before you to set an example and show you the way. When you're a teenager, she walks behind you to be there if you should need her. And when you're an adult, she walks beside you so that, as two friends, you can enjoy life together.~~~~~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calico Bird?????

Yes, Gizmo walked up to the bird feeder and looked like the squirrel does when he is eating. Of course Gizmo is a bit larger than the squirrel. I'm suprised she can sit on the railing of the deck. We need to put her on a kitty diet but what fun would that be? And she'd get cold in the winter!

Bathroom Update

Bruce got the bathroom and closets sprayed with texture last night. It looks good. Now I need to pick up the paint so we can do that and then lay the duroc (sp?) and tile the floor. It is coming along. It will be nice to have our bathroom back instead of getting ready in our bedroom every morning.


This is our friendly little neighbor guy. He is always coming over and asking if "Tailor"(he means Tyler) can play. We call him "Grundy" to be funny because he seems to call all of us by names other than our real ones. Nice kid. Pretty big guy for being in 1st grade I think!

Tyler Dunking The Ball-Or Trying To!

Yes it was close to 50 yesterday so Ty played some driveway ball once again. Supposed to have rain the next how many days so gotta get outside and enjoy what we can. Is it really spring?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yard Work

Okay, the boys each raked and picked up sticks Saturday morning on orders from their Dad while he was putting in Dave & Diane's countertops in Fern. Later I was raking around the house and my hostas to clear out all the dead crap so the new could emerge. After Bruce got home and was helping he decided we needed some new rakes to finish since the boys broke the good one that day. I gave him my debit card to run to Waverly and this is what he came riding down the street with. Thank God a friend told him to borrow it to finish the yard. Nice tractor-only had 1.4 hours on it and we were the first to get it dirty. It did a great job and we truly thank the McElhose's for offering it for us to use!!!! I think Bruce had some fun on it, too.

These Speak For Themselves

These are the flowers I posted earlier in the week. Don't they look pretty? I took these before Bruce thatched them over. And then I cut them off and have them in a small vase on my kitchen windowsill. After the fact he told me I could have let them live longer as he wasn't going that close to the house. Oh well. I enjoyed them while they were here! Yeah spring.