Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Foto

Can you tell I am lacking in the blogworthy photos lately? This is a pretty lame "friday foto" but it is the best that I can come up with for today off of my work computer. Since I am still having the uploading problem with pictures on the laptop, and the fact that my good camera is broken, I just don' have anything fun. Of course if I would go up to the office at home I have plenty of photos that I haven't shared. Just don't like to take the time to do that! So anyway we are heading to Drake Relays this afternoon to watch Tyler run in the 4 x 100 relay. It is quite impressive to even make it to Drake so yes we are driving almost 5 hours round trip to watch a race that takes 40 some seconds. Such is the life of parents! The boys left at 5:15 this morning from the high school. It was kind of funny hearing Ty and Kenny getting ready and showering at 4:30 in the morning. I'm guessing they slept most of the way to Des Moines. Or maybe they were too excited to sleep. Doubtful though since that was way too early of a wake up call for them. Good luck WV boys! Oh and these are the cat treats that are always on hand in my cupboard. Do you think my cats are just a little spoiled? And when Gizmo wants her "treats" each night she comes out to the kitchen and sits on "her rug" as Bruce calls it and looks up at me until I oblige. Yep spoiled cats for sure! Everyone have a great weekend. We have a busy one with Drake tonight, prom tomorrow night, and I have another baby shower for Ashley and baby Ava to go to on Sunday. Really wishing my good camera was fixed just thinking about all of the pictures I will be taking that will come out less than great. Oh well! Enjoy the sunny, warm weather today. Finally spring is showing up!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Foto

Yes I have been a huge slacker on blogging lately. I haven't had time to try and figure out why when I upload pictures and do post from the laptop that the photos don't show up on the blog. But tonight I FINALLY uploaded off of my little camera to the home office computer. Yep my good camera needs fixed. At the last track meet we took it to the button you press to snap a picture fell out somewhere and is laying in the dirt or grass in Independence. Yes that is how my luck rolls sometimes. Anyway I have been busy with track and all sorts of stuff so it isn't just because I haven't wanted to do more posting!

This is a picture from daughter in law Ashley (left) and niece/Goddaughter Ashley's (when I had to introduce myself I totally said how I was Ashley's MIL and forgot to say anything about my niece. How stupid did I feel?! I think I'm excited to be a grandma!) baby shower Wednesday night. They also had me snap pictures of their bare tummy's but I'm sure they would prefer those not be published for all the world to see. Although the picture I got is pretty beautiful of the two expecting Mommas! So the even more exciting thing about this is our son Cole and Ashley our niece were the biggest buddies and did EVERYTHING together when they were little and both of these gals due dates are the same. Isn't that some kind of awesome? We are hoping that these two little girls will be just as close and have just as much fun as their parents did growing up. Cannot wait to meet you our granddaughter Ava Nicole and Great Niece Braelyn Renae!

Everyone have a great weekend. My birthday is Saturday (just another day to me) and I think I get to maybe spend it cleaning and getting our houseboat ready for the season on the Mississippi. I'm very excited. Just hoping the forecast changes for a little warmer and no clouds! Get out and enjoy the sun!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Fotos

The picture I snapped into the sun where Ty was starting the shuttle hurdle relay. I don't think I got anything. The sun was bright! This second photo turned out really good of the 100 meter dash. And it happens to be Ty's buddy Kenny (whom I always lovingly refer to as our other son) taking off from the blocks. I cannot believe how these runners muscles stick out in this photo. It was a great night for a track meet! Hoping you all have a great weekend. Bruce is heading to Lansing with Kevin to help work on their cabin. I'm not sure of my plans but I'm thinking I deserve a Saturday of reading and/or movies on the couch. Especially if it is going to be cold and dreary! Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My New Necklace-Coolest EVER!

 My SIL Sharon put a picture of the necklace that I got her on her blog so I had to do the same. The day after she got my present of a necklace with a stamped camera charm, initial "s" charm, and a pearl charm she sent this necklace for me. How awesome. I cannot tell you how often I have already worn this and plan to continue to very often. I LOVE it! The picture does not do it justice as I had trouble getting any good shots without the glare on the bathroom vanity where I was taking pictures. It is really cool though. I haven't had much blog worthy material lately so this week may be pretty boring for any that check this site regular. I did snap a couple pictures at the track meet tonight but the sun was right in my eyes when I tried to get any of Ty. I did get a good picture right out of the blocks of our "other" son Kenny. And so yep my SIL gave me this cool camera necklace because I do love taking pictures everywhere that I go. And lately I just don't have anything to take pictures of to blog about. Bruce, Louie, and Ray are heading to the river Wednesday to move our houseboats. Hoping to send my little camera with for some shots! The flooding may end up being far worse than we had hoped, and the docks we are parked at only can go up so high before our boats and the docks would be floating loose. Bruce decided that I should not go and I think he is definitely right. I would be too nervous and I hate high water. It scares me to death. One of my biggest fears is to drown. That and to die in a fire. Yep I worry about stupid crap like that. No wonder I have a bit of a problem sleeping well like a normal person does. Have a great week. I get to go get taxes done tomorrow and hoping that they find a refund instead of paying in like I found doing it myself online. Mantra for the day....refund, refund, refund. Don't I wish it were that easy! Happy Tuesday. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Fotos

It is spring so I'm afraid my posts will be of flowers blooming and warm outdoor stuff. Yippee!!! About time. These are my daffodils that I snapped last weekend ready to bloom. Bruce went out tonight while I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper and cut some for me. Yep he is nice like that most of the time! You can be jealous. Anyway I was able to make three vases of flowers out of what he brought in and they smell incredible. Oh and they also spruce up the kitchen, dining room, and master bathroom where I put them. I love spring and seeing all of the flowers and plants bloom in the yard and around the house. Have a great weekend. Sounds like pretty warm temperatures but might get some rain. A little would be okay to "green" things up but I prefer none up north. The river flooding is still a concern for us houseboaters. Enjoy your flowers that are blooming!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday

Here are a few pictures of the first flowers to pop up in the yard around the house this spring. Crocus and the daffodils ready to bloom. I spent Saturday out in the yard (after cleaning was done inside of course-yep my OCD)raking the whole lawn and burning the sticks and grass. Bruce helped me finish when he got home in the afternoon as I was about "spent". Or just on a mission and determined to get it done! I am glad that I had my gloves on because I'm pretty sure my hands would be covered in blisters if not. But the yard looked great and Bruce woke up this morning and thought our friend had come and thatched it. But nope. It was just that I did that great of a job raking. Yay me! And today I started cleaning out the garage after we got back from shopping and in a couple hours I had Ty and Bruce joining in. It is amazing how much can get done when everyone pitches in. And we all know that when Momma is happy everyone is happier! Thank you to my guys for their help. May everyone have a great week ahead. Still hoping for very little moisture north of here as we continue to watch the river levels for all of our houseboats. And in general we don't want to see anyone deal with flooding so praying for dry weather. Have a good week!

**Once again not sure why the pictures showed up when I did this post last night on the laptop but when I checked it just now from my office computer the picture doesn't show up. Must be a problem with the poor old laptop! I will fix when I get home tonight. The flowers are very pretty I promise!

**Fixed Finally! Sorry it took me so long to sit down and upload again.