Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Foto

Yes I have been a huge slacker on blogging lately. I haven't had time to try and figure out why when I upload pictures and do post from the laptop that the photos don't show up on the blog. But tonight I FINALLY uploaded off of my little camera to the home office computer. Yep my good camera needs fixed. At the last track meet we took it to the button you press to snap a picture fell out somewhere and is laying in the dirt or grass in Independence. Yes that is how my luck rolls sometimes. Anyway I have been busy with track and all sorts of stuff so it isn't just because I haven't wanted to do more posting!

This is a picture from daughter in law Ashley (left) and niece/Goddaughter Ashley's (when I had to introduce myself I totally said how I was Ashley's MIL and forgot to say anything about my niece. How stupid did I feel?! I think I'm excited to be a grandma!) baby shower Wednesday night. They also had me snap pictures of their bare tummy's but I'm sure they would prefer those not be published for all the world to see. Although the picture I got is pretty beautiful of the two expecting Mommas! So the even more exciting thing about this is our son Cole and Ashley our niece were the biggest buddies and did EVERYTHING together when they were little and both of these gals due dates are the same. Isn't that some kind of awesome? We are hoping that these two little girls will be just as close and have just as much fun as their parents did growing up. Cannot wait to meet you our granddaughter Ava Nicole and Great Niece Braelyn Renae!

Everyone have a great weekend. My birthday is Saturday (just another day to me) and I think I get to maybe spend it cleaning and getting our houseboat ready for the season on the Mississippi. I'm very excited. Just hoping the forecast changes for a little warmer and no clouds! Get out and enjoy the sun!
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