Friday, May 30, 2008

Bruce's "New" Ride

Okay, here is Bruce's NEW work car to go with his "new" job at his "old" place of employment for 18 years-Omega. He starts Monday and we bought this car from one of my bosses Joe. And Grandpa & Grandma-when Ty sat in it all as he said was ............"me out, me out". Think we got a GREAT deal for $500. Bruce doesn't even want my nice truck. WTH????????

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Took a long houseboat ride with our boat on Memorial Day with some friends of ours at the river. It was finally a nice, sunny, warm day. I drove most of the trip from the flybridge and we had a great time. Bruce even said that I did a good job! It was a gorgeous day.


Everyone has just got to love lilacs. They just don't last long enough though. Last week I filled several vases and scattered them throughout the house. It smelled like a flower shop (or a funeral home!) when I walked in after work. We definitely need to prune our bushes this fall. Both of them are just way too big.

My Garden

Finally got most of my garden in before we headed to the river last Friday. Still need to plant some cucumbers and radishes but got most in the ground. Bruce of course helped and Kyle just came out to check out what we were doing. Oh yeah, Tyler loves cherry tomatoes and they didn't have any when I bought plants. Still need to get one of those for him. The kid eats tomatoes like an apple!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

State Track Meet 2008

Kyle got to run in the 4 x 200 relay at the State Track meet last Friday at Drake. He had a pretty good time but unfortunately they didn't place. We went down and watched on Friday and stayed over also. Got to see a lot of the girls and boys run. We had a good time "socializing" Friday night in our football coaches room also. Even though three times someone complained about us and the noise level and came to the door. How old are we all???????

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Iowa Preps Article

This was posted on Iowa Preps yesterday so I copied it to the blog. They spelled Kyle's name wrong but it is always nice to see the coach mention your name in pre-season interviews. Hopefully will be another good Wapsie football year!

Wapsie Valley Spring Football Preview

After playing in the last two Class A title games and winning it all this fall, Wapsie Valley has shown that they can compete on a very high level. But with the majority of their skill players set to graduate soon, the Warriors have a lot of open spots on their team. Iowa Preps caught up with Wapsie Valley head football coach Tony Foster and talked to him about his team, their off-season, and much more now!

How has the off-season been going for your team?
"We have a lot of guys out for track and we encourage that. We have a few kids in the weight room but most of them are in track and baseball has started now. The best thing is that we had kids out for basketball or wrestling and now track. That is a good sign usually. We have a lot of young kids that haven't played before."

How important do you think it is for athletes to play multiple sports?
"We really encourage it. When we look back at the few years that we have struggled, we didn't have much of a track team. Last year, we won district track. For us, that is the most important thing. We do encourage weights and we have a weight program but getting them out for track is most important."

What are your thoughts on the team for this fall?
"I hope that we can improve as the year goes on and be pretty competitive. We start out with Turkey Valley and they'll give us all that we want. As the year goes on, I think by the end of the season we should be pretty competitive. In our district, Postville looks like they have a nice team and Lisbon is always good. I don't expect us to be rated or anything like that."

What will be your team's main strengths?
"I think we are going to have some speed on defense. We have some young guys. The sophomore team was pretty darn good last year. We have some size with Zach Schmidt. He will be a junior and he started every game at tackle and defensive end. We have a couple of other younger linemen that will be decent when they get some playing time."

What question marks will need to be answered?
"Offensively, we are just starting all over with skill positions. We will be trying to get some continuity there. It looks like there will be competition for some of the backfield spots. We also need to see how it goes with Ethan and his knee. We need to see how he comes along. He is walking now but he still has a long way to go. I hate to make predictions on that."

How hard is it replacing some of the skill players that you lost?
"You don't replace Garrett McGrane. He is one of a kind. We have our backup quarterback, Kyle O'Neil, and he played some receiver and cornerback for us. He is capable and I expect him to do a good job for us. We got some young guys that want to run the football. I will give them a shot and see what they can do. The good thing is that there is competition for the skill positions. Outside of Kyle at quarterback, nothing is locked down there."

How many starters do you have returning on both sides of the ball?
"From the championship game, we have three on offense. Defensively, we have a little more with four. That is not a lot but we do have kids that like to play football. There are some unknown players that will be known eventually. A lot of them will just be juniors. In two years, they will be at their best."

Do you have a target on your back from winning a title?
"There was one last year. We were second the year before. It is just a matter if you are good enough to overcome it. If you are, you will win. It just comes down to if you have the kids who can make plays."

What are the keys to a long postseason run?
"I think we are going to be a decent defensive team. I think we have some speed on defense and that can carry us until we get some continuity on offense. If we can improve during the year on offense, we have a shot to get into the postseason. If we have injuries, it is hard to overcome in Class A football."

How do you feel about the playoff expansion?
"I am all for it. I realize there are going to be some mismatches in the first round but coaches work awfully hard to just miss it. Last year Valley was good enough but they didn't make it. It is tough enough on coaches, especially if you are 7-2. I just assume a team like Valley should get in. They can reward the coaches and the players."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I didn't get on the computer yesterday as I was enjoying my day playing in the garden, planting some flowers, filling bird feeders, doing laundry, etc. So a belated Happy Mom's Day to all of us hard working Mom's. Bruce grilled supper last night for me and picked me up a hummingbird feeder and bird seed that I requested. All in all it was a pretty good day!


Yep finally got some stuff put into the bathroom closet. Bruce "whipped up" this tall cabinet with shelves last night. I was complaing that the organizer we bought didn't have enough shelves so he built one that will work great. I'm sure I will fill up this space very quickly!

Beautiful Flowers

Yep can't take credit for these beauties as they are from my neighbor's house across the street. I don't have anything blooming yet so snapped a few of hers. She told me that I can cut some and put in a vase. Think I just might have to do that! Yep I think spring is finally here. YEAH!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Bathroom Update

This is the vanity and medicine cabinet all lit up. Bruce made the light bar out of a chandelier that he bought and completely tore apart to get the look he wanted. Worked out quite well. And here is one closet organizer that we put up. Need to either make or buy another set for the end and/or other side with shelves to put towels and crap on. Don't have much in there yet but I'm sure I will fill it up fast. One more shot of the vanity and medicine cabinet. Tried it with the lights off but still got a glare of the closet. Now just need to do some lots of trim work and decorating and we should be good to go. I suck at interior decorating though so going to seek the help of some friends to steer me in the right direction so it looks nice!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Sharon!

Hope you have a great one. Enjoy your day!!! :-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kyle & Taylor

Another one of Sharon's favorites so thought I'd share it also. What a "cute" couple. You had to be there to understand, but yesterday Ashley & I were getting crap because we couldn't stop saying "cute" when the pictures were being taken. We were just stating the obvious!!!!! :-)

Graffiti Wall

This is one of my favorite pictures of course! It was a wall downtown Cedar Falls. There really were some neat buildings to use as backdrops for the pictures. Had a lot of fun watching the kids get them taken, too.

Senior Pictures

Sharon took Kyle's senior pictures (some of them for now anyways) yesterday and these are a couple of her favorites she posted on her blog. Taylor obviously was there also and got some pictures taken, too. Sharon took over 600! She told me it was okay to steal the pictures off of her blog. I think they turned out great the ones that I saw before we left. Thanks Sharon!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do'

Pussy Willows

Helen brought these up to the river for me the weekend we went and opened up. That woman grows and has everything. The most beautiful plants and flowers! Aren't they cool? Haven't figured out a good spot for them yet but I did manage to at least get them into a vase.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy May Day to everyone. Today also would have been my Dad's birthday (Don't have a scanner to post a picture). Yep, Granny always said that he was left on the front doorstep on May Day. Never believed her though since she had 12 children! Dad would have been 80 today and as ornry as ever I'm sure. Miss you Dad!