Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driveway Basketball Is Here

So Saturday Kyle & Ty went out to Wapsie Ridge and hit some range balls. Apparently Ty should be the next white "tiger woods", and Kyle either is really strong or his clubs are old and brittle!(He hit one and the head of his driver flew off!) Anyways, they had fun and it continued in the driveway shooting some hoops. And just look at Gizmo. She gets into the basketball action by sitting in a flower pot on the deck. I hope she doesn't think that is a nice space to sit when I replant that pot for the season. I will have to scold her big time if she claims that as her place to sit and watch the guys play basketball! Or football, or whatever happens to be going on in our driveway or yard. Or on the street for that matter. Lots of puppies and people go by our house. We welcome this awesome 70+ degree weather this week and cannot wait for the summer season to arrive. Everyone have a great week!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Louie

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother in law! Yes, you know that I love you. Sometimes what you say pisses me off beyond belief, but usually it is right. Not sure if I love or hate you for that! Just kidding. I so enjoy spending every weekend with you two at the houseboats, and I hate to say it but I can't imagine my life without your wife Hildegard (or you)! Her and I should have been sisters instead of sister in laws! But then maybe we wouldn't have appreciated each other as much. Glad that we got to see you on your birthday, and give you your ONLY birthday card! Love you and sending good thoughts your way on Wednesday!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Foto

Oh my gosh. He does do homework! This was Tuesday night and Tyler said that exact thought when I snapped the picture. Very rarely does he have to bring stuff home to do, but his class "Current Issues" drives him crazy. Apparently he feels that the teacher makes you take a headline and write way too much about it. Kyle thought it was a very easy class. I guess that is the difference between kids. What one thinks is easy the other may think is a useless pain in the butt. Maybe Ty just doesn't have the gift of gab to discuss and analyze a subject forever like someone else we know can! Everyone enjoy your weekend!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs Of Spring

Walking around the yard this time of year always makes me happy. I just love looking at all of the plants and flowers coming up. This winter did seem to fly by however, and I am very glad. I am so ready for summer to be here and spending time in the garden. Soon the dafodils will be blooming. And the lilacs, and the hostas will be coming up. I guess you can call it spring fever. Whatever we want to call it I am just glad it is here. Maybe I should go out and pick those purple flowers and put it a vase in honor of our UNI Panthers playing on Friday. Might have to consider that tomorrow before they are gone again for another year. Just loving the spring weather and hoping we are done with cold/winter weather until next December. What do you love about spring?
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Living Room Wrestling

Yep this happens when Kyle is home. Him and Tyler seem to think the living room is their wrestling room. Bruce always yells at them to quit as they might "break" the flat screen TV. Well, when Dad isn't around I deal with this regularly, and of course have to snap pictures. The last picture in the collage is apparently after Bruce came back in and had absolutely NO IDEA that the boys were wrestling! Kyle has decided though that now that Tyler is taller than him, and pretty strong, he can't quite manhandle him like he used to. Ty is over weighted however by Kyle. (Sorry Kyle, but come on-your bro weighs a "little" bit less than you now!) Love that the boys can still mess with each other and have fun together when Kyle is home! If Cole gets involved much we definitely need a bigger living/wrestling room for them to romp around in. Bruce are you ready for that ranch with a finished basement for the boys to wrestle in? These BIG kids need more room and the steps are killing my knees! Anyone want a 100+ year old house that pretty much is totally redone and has lots of room? Just not enough room for adult size children to be wrestling around the living room in. And excuse the remodeling mess in these pics. Oh, and did I mention we have a brand new school being built as I type this? Our community is awesome. House with (not enough room for wrestling) in less than 3 years!!!!!! Great football playing yard however. And yes we are seriously getting out of this great driveway basketball playing/football yarding/field goal kicking yard within the next 3 years. I will personally give you the tour! Happy Hump Day!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Driveway Basketball 2010

I love it when Ty has some buddies over and they start the driveway basketball at our house. That means spring is here and summer is on its way. I believe this was a weekend ago when we still had all of that snow sitting around. It only takes a few phone calls and these guys can have about 4-8 kids in no time ready to play. I'm really glad that they are still doing this since they are all in high school now. Oh geez, I probably just embarassed Ty on the fact that they are in high school and enjoy getting together to still play basketball in the driveway! Actually it takes way more than that to embarass Ty! He's a great kid and doesn't mind at all that I post our lives all over the blog. Thank goodness or I really wouldn't have any material a lot of times. Hopefully he and his buddies still play some backyard football also and I can post about it. I seriously think that you are never to "old" to get a group of guys together and play a sport and have fun! Go Ty and friends! Play on, play on!!!! Happy Spring 2010.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Foto

Okay I got a little bit of slack about not getting Cole a present and noone making him a cake. Well, I actually still made him his favorite, a cheesecake, and put fresh strawberries on top for him. The only funny thing about that is the boys (Kyle & Tyler) and also Taylor were invited over for a grilled out supper on the grill that we bought him for Christmas, and Kyle helped him put together on his birthday! So, Dad & Mom were left out of the mix on the invite. Guess the next time I am grilling and thinking of shouting out an invite it just might not happen! And lock the door when they just show up! They didn't even make sure to bring the dish back or bring us over a piece. We raised him better that! But we still love you both and as always will ALWAYS feed you when you show up. Hope you enjoyed the cheesecake, and I really hope it was good because normally I always get at least a taste of the things I make! Happy Friday All!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Night Yum

Made homemade pizza tonight when I got home. What a perfect meal to watch the UNI Panthers win! Awesome job Panthers. And my bedroom carpet got laid today and it looks awesome. Soon my bedroom will be out of the living room, and my living room will be out of my dining room, and my dining room will be back in its place! Could have made it happen tonight but need to touch up the carpet layers scratches all over and get blinds on the windows. So for tonight we will be hopefully sleeping for the last time on a bed in the living room! Everyone have a great Friday. Oh, and the rectangle pizza is all meat, and since Taylor was coming the round one is pepperoni only. Just had to throw that in since the loaded one looked and tasted totally awesome. And once again I was told it was my "best homemade pizza" ever! I'm beginning to think I should have opened a pizza place. But I'm glad that they all love it EVERY time!
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Happy Birthday Bart!

Today is my brother Bart's birthday. I hope you have an excellent day and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Like maybe go fishing with a cooler or something? You are one of the most caring, loving guys in the world I think, that would do anything for your family and/or friends. I am very lucky to have a brother like you, and wouldn't trade you for anything. Thanks for everything, and lets make lots more memories on the sandbar this summer, okay? I might even try to outfish you. Maybe! Love Your Lil Sis, FRED
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cole-24!

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Happy Birthday Cole! 24 years ago you came into this world and have been entertaining us ever since. Geez that makes me feel old! When you were born the cord was around your neck and you were quite blue until they got you breathing. And ever since then you have been entertaining us and whenever we think about you "I'm standing and I can't shut up" seems to come to mind. Think you will ever live that saying down? Oh what fun we've had at the river on weekends. Anyway, may you have a great, enjoyable day and enjoy this beautiful weather! And may you have many, many more to celebrate. Love you!

****This picture I took last year of you on your birthday with the cheesecake that I made you. It was also the last year for presents from Momma since you are now an old married man. Enjoy that Carhart coat since it is your last birthday gift from me. Don't worry, when you have kids they will get plenty of presents from Grandma!!!! Birthdays are for kids anyways!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Saturday "Just Because"

I got this photo from Helen and I have no idea what I am laughing at but you know what????? I happen to look exactly like this alot of weekends at the river, and I am proud that I have so much fun and someone can catch me laughing and snap it while my camera is in my hand! So here is to Saturday, March 13th, and the fact that SPRING is here and the snow is almost gone! Everyone enjoy the heck out of your day!!!!!!!
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Friday Foto

Our dining room is now our living room and it is right next to my kitchen, so Gizmo can see my every move from most anywhere that she lays. Tuesday night when I was making supper, she was laying up against the couch staring out at me in the kitchen. Of course as soon as I grabbed my camera she moved all over and rolled around on the floor. I did happen to snap a good picture of her looking at me though. She happens to be upside down, but isn't she such a pretty kitty? She is totally the only "girl" baby that will be in this house for now. If that weren't the case we'd be UPSIDE DOWN with shear joy and fear! Yes, we can wait for the grandbabies. No pressure here from us! I have a feeling that Gizmo will be doing more than looking at me upside down when I have a real human "baby girl or boy" cuter and more precious than her in my arms!!!! Not to mention also less hairy! Have a good weekend.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Couch & Blanket Laptop Etiquette

Okay, so after my last post of Kyle and I with the laptops on the couch with our blankets, my friend Jerry (aka the computer guru/genius) messaged me today at work to let me know that laptops get way too hot when sitting on a blanket like that. No wonder I burnt a hole through my Chiefs blanket! Just kidding. That was because I actually threw it into the bon fire after one of our games this year! So tonight I took his suggestion to the best that I could and got out a basket to set it on while I blogged and such from the couch still icing my feet and ankles. Oh, and for anyone that cares my feet and ankles are feeling much better, and Jazzercise still rocks, and tonight I was able to be back at it and go a little more like normal. Still going to take it easy for a bit, but I did notice in my live traffic feed that a couple of times people got here from looking up Jazzercise. To me it was one of the best things this 40 something lady has ever decided to do for myself!
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Laptop Craziness

I snapped the picture of Bruce and Kyle at the island on their computers last weekend just because. Then Bruce got Kyle and I Sunday night on the couch both with laptops and watching TV while blogging (me), and writing a college paper (Kyle of course). It just amazes me that pretty much anymore everyone has a laptop that they carry around with them. I ALWAYS used to trek upstairs to the office if I needed to get on the home computer. Now though I have crunchy knees that kill to walk upstairs, and injured feet/ankles from working out. In the picture of Kyle and I there is actually a toolbox under my feet with ice on my feet and ankles. Might be dealing with plantar fasciitis (maybe), but I'm hoping that the last 5 days taking a break from Jazzercising and icing for a couple hours each night will let me get back at it full force (well at least back at it Wednesday). And for tonight I am very thankful for this laptop on the couch while my feet and ankles are on ice. Blogging from the couch is so much better than hearing my knees crunch with every step. It sucks to get old! Not really looking forward to 50 if this is how my 40's have started out! UPDATE: Went to Jazzercise this afternoon(Wednesday before this posts) and feet feel pretty good. Still icing them tonight and my instructor gave me a paper with some stretches and stuff to do for them if it is plantar fasciitis. I love my Jazzercise people. They are great! I think I am definitely back!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Crazy Home Life-A Message To Our Kids

So Saturday we (I) decided we'd grill deer steak since Kyle was home and I threw some chicken breast in to marinate for Taylor (she doesn't know what she is missing) for supper that night. Well, Cole and Ashley only live a few blocks away from our house and I swear that they just have a "nose" for my cooking. They pulled in the driveway and had thought about going out to eat, but figured Mom would certainly be cooking like usual and stopped by to see what I was having. Well, lets just say they stayed and ate with us and that just had to be followed by some WII bowling! We played late enough that Taylor got to join in and play when she got off of work. I know that the collage of pictures I have did not do our evening justice, but we really did have a good time (click to make larger). And Cole and Ashley didn't go home until almost 3:30 AM Sunday. That is WAY too late for Mom & Dad to stay up socializing. Even with family. And the middle picture of Ty with the Ninja Turtle stocking cap is awesome. Cole is a HUGE fan from way back, and has all of the figures so I think seriously T is going to have to watch out for Cole stealing it from our house! So to end this post I just have to say we all had a great time and I love it when all the kids (and significant others) can be with us on the weekends. But you know what????? Spring is almost here and you will all have to find someone else to grill and/or cook for you on the weekends because.......OUR HOUSEBOAT WILL BE OPENING UP IN THE NEXT MONTH OR SO!!!! I love all you guys but, you are going to have to find something else to do on your weekends very soon! Love, Momma
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aldi's Flowers Update

Yep, just had to snap another picture of the bouquet that I bought at Aldi's over a week ago. Everyday I add new water to the vase and they look amazing. I'm telling you that if you do not buy yourself some of these flowers once in a while you are totally missing out. Come on I mean $3 frickin' 99 and they literally last for weeks! Splurge once in a while and make youself happy! And they also have the dozen roses in different colors throughout the year for the same price. And yes, I've taught my kids well because lets just say that Taylor has gotten some of those roses from Kyle and didn't have a problem at all about where they came from or the price tag!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gizmo The Squirrel

Apparently Gizmo gets confused once in a while and thinks that she should act like the squirrels and hang out at their feeder. She has been happy to be back outside enjoying the warmer weather and losing all the snow around the yard and deck. And she just loves to watch the birds at the feeder and chatter at them. But we know that she will NEVER catch one because seriously we think that she is scared of them. Sometimes I wish she was like Gadget and would just go after them for our entertainment! Not seeing that happening anytime soon though. One can always hope!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Road Trip

Yep Bruce and I went on a little road trip Friday to the Edgewood Locker to pick up the last of our deer meat. And of course that meant that I had to take random pictures along the way. After we got back closer to home we called the kids to see if they wanted to have dinner with us. Ty was already on his way home to our house but Kyle & Taylor met us in Fairbank for a bite to eat. It was a fun road trip as usual. I'm glad Bruce and I can have fun doing just about anything together. When you add the kids in that just makes it better. Everyone have a great week. May the sunshine continue to shine and slowly melt all of this snow away!
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Foto

Yep we are getting spring fever and missing our summer weekend home-Lansing. Here is a picture that Mom & Dad O. sent by email that someone took of the Lansing bridge a few weeks back. It looks beautiful, but I'm hoping that when we get up there next month to open up the houseboats, all of these frost covered trees are green. And of course there won't be any snow on the ground. Oh, and no ice in the river. Happy Spring thoughts and have a great weekend all!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday-Think SPRING


I always buy myself some flowers just because, and I think this is one of the nicest bunches I have gotten in quite a while. It especially picks me up in winter and makes me excited for spring even more. And if you purchase said flowers at Aldi’s, they only set you back $3.99 for this beautiful bouquet. I put them in my beautiful Waterford crystal vase that Kyle got me in London and enjoy them for at least 2 weeks usually. Everyone have a great week. And I promise to try and get more blog updates done. I have just been too busy during the week at night. I have tons of pics and posts to do though. Everyone have a great Monday and think SPRING!!!!!!