Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aldi's Flowers Update

Yep, just had to snap another picture of the bouquet that I bought at Aldi's over a week ago. Everyday I add new water to the vase and they look amazing. I'm telling you that if you do not buy yourself some of these flowers once in a while you are totally missing out. Come on I mean $3 frickin' 99 and they literally last for weeks! Splurge once in a while and make youself happy! And they also have the dozen roses in different colors throughout the year for the same price. And yes, I've taught my kids well because lets just say that Taylor has gotten some of those roses from Kyle and didn't have a problem at all about where they came from or the price tag!
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Sharon Madsen said...

but he wasn't supposed to "tell" her where they came from! Bart grew some 'paper whites' from bulbs and they STINK - they're pretty tho, so I haven't tossed em.