Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Foto

Our dining room is now our living room and it is right next to my kitchen, so Gizmo can see my every move from most anywhere that she lays. Tuesday night when I was making supper, she was laying up against the couch staring out at me in the kitchen. Of course as soon as I grabbed my camera she moved all over and rolled around on the floor. I did happen to snap a good picture of her looking at me though. She happens to be upside down, but isn't she such a pretty kitty? She is totally the only "girl" baby that will be in this house for now. If that weren't the case we'd be UPSIDE DOWN with shear joy and fear! Yes, we can wait for the grandbabies. No pressure here from us! I have a feeling that Gizmo will be doing more than looking at me upside down when I have a real human "baby girl or boy" cuter and more precious than her in my arms!!!! Not to mention also less hairy! Have a good weekend.
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