Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday-Think SPRING


I always buy myself some flowers just because, and I think this is one of the nicest bunches I have gotten in quite a while. It especially picks me up in winter and makes me excited for spring even more. And if you purchase said flowers at Aldi’s, they only set you back $3.99 for this beautiful bouquet. I put them in my beautiful Waterford crystal vase that Kyle got me in London and enjoy them for at least 2 weeks usually. Everyone have a great week. And I promise to try and get more blog updates done. I have just been too busy during the week at night. I have tons of pics and posts to do though. Everyone have a great Monday and think SPRING!!!!!!


Sharon Madsen said...

How long ago was Kyle in London? Seems like forever ago, probably was!

Kay said...

He was 11 or 12 so it has been a while. Can't believe it was that long ago!