Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driveway Basketball Is Here

So Saturday Kyle & Ty went out to Wapsie Ridge and hit some range balls. Apparently Ty should be the next white "tiger woods", and Kyle either is really strong or his clubs are old and brittle!(He hit one and the head of his driver flew off!) Anyways, they had fun and it continued in the driveway shooting some hoops. And just look at Gizmo. She gets into the basketball action by sitting in a flower pot on the deck. I hope she doesn't think that is a nice space to sit when I replant that pot for the season. I will have to scold her big time if she claims that as her place to sit and watch the guys play basketball! Or football, or whatever happens to be going on in our driveway or yard. Or on the street for that matter. Lots of puppies and people go by our house. We welcome this awesome 70+ degree weather this week and cannot wait for the summer season to arrive. Everyone have a great week!
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