Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Foto

Okay I got a little bit of slack about not getting Cole a present and noone making him a cake. Well, I actually still made him his favorite, a cheesecake, and put fresh strawberries on top for him. The only funny thing about that is the boys (Kyle & Tyler) and also Taylor were invited over for a grilled out supper on the grill that we bought him for Christmas, and Kyle helped him put together on his birthday! So, Dad & Mom were left out of the mix on the invite. Guess the next time I am grilling and thinking of shouting out an invite it just might not happen! And lock the door when they just show up! They didn't even make sure to bring the dish back or bring us over a piece. We raised him better that! But we still love you both and as always will ALWAYS feed you when you show up. Hope you enjoyed the cheesecake, and I really hope it was good because normally I always get at least a taste of the things I make! Happy Friday All!
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