Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Driveway Basketball 2010

I love it when Ty has some buddies over and they start the driveway basketball at our house. That means spring is here and summer is on its way. I believe this was a weekend ago when we still had all of that snow sitting around. It only takes a few phone calls and these guys can have about 4-8 kids in no time ready to play. I'm really glad that they are still doing this since they are all in high school now. Oh geez, I probably just embarassed Ty on the fact that they are in high school and enjoy getting together to still play basketball in the driveway! Actually it takes way more than that to embarass Ty! He's a great kid and doesn't mind at all that I post our lives all over the blog. Thank goodness or I really wouldn't have any material a lot of times. Hopefully he and his buddies still play some backyard football also and I can post about it. I seriously think that you are never to "old" to get a group of guys together and play a sport and have fun! Go Ty and friends! Play on, play on!!!! Happy Spring 2010.
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