Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Night Yum

Made homemade pizza tonight when I got home. What a perfect meal to watch the UNI Panthers win! Awesome job Panthers. And my bedroom carpet got laid today and it looks awesome. Soon my bedroom will be out of the living room, and my living room will be out of my dining room, and my dining room will be back in its place! Could have made it happen tonight but need to touch up the carpet layers scratches all over and get blinds on the windows. So for tonight we will be hopefully sleeping for the last time on a bed in the living room! Everyone have a great Friday. Oh, and the rectangle pizza is all meat, and since Taylor was coming the round one is pepperoni only. Just had to throw that in since the loaded one looked and tasted totally awesome. And once again I was told it was my "best homemade pizza" ever! I'm beginning to think I should have opened a pizza place. But I'm glad that they all love it EVERY time!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Now you have to do it for all Panther games!
And we'll come over.....