Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laptop Craziness

I snapped the picture of Bruce and Kyle at the island on their computers last weekend just because. Then Bruce got Kyle and I Sunday night on the couch both with laptops and watching TV while blogging (me), and writing a college paper (Kyle of course). It just amazes me that pretty much anymore everyone has a laptop that they carry around with them. I ALWAYS used to trek upstairs to the office if I needed to get on the home computer. Now though I have crunchy knees that kill to walk upstairs, and injured feet/ankles from working out. In the picture of Kyle and I there is actually a toolbox under my feet with ice on my feet and ankles. Might be dealing with plantar fasciitis (maybe), but I'm hoping that the last 5 days taking a break from Jazzercising and icing for a couple hours each night will let me get back at it full force (well at least back at it Wednesday). And for tonight I am very thankful for this laptop on the couch while my feet and ankles are on ice. Blogging from the couch is so much better than hearing my knees crunch with every step. It sucks to get old! Not really looking forward to 50 if this is how my 40's have started out! UPDATE: Went to Jazzercise this afternoon(Wednesday before this posts) and feet feel pretty good. Still icing them tonight and my instructor gave me a paper with some stretches and stuff to do for them if it is plantar fasciitis. I love my Jazzercise people. They are great! I think I am definitely back!
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