Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs Of Spring

Walking around the yard this time of year always makes me happy. I just love looking at all of the plants and flowers coming up. This winter did seem to fly by however, and I am very glad. I am so ready for summer to be here and spending time in the garden. Soon the dafodils will be blooming. And the lilacs, and the hostas will be coming up. I guess you can call it spring fever. Whatever we want to call it I am just glad it is here. Maybe I should go out and pick those purple flowers and put it a vase in honor of our UNI Panthers playing on Friday. Might have to consider that tomorrow before they are gone again for another year. Just loving the spring weather and hoping we are done with cold/winter weather until next December. What do you love about spring?
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Sharon Madsen said...

Looks pretty! I need to plant flowers around here - Bart has the green thumb, but he says he can't grow flowers - HAH!