Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cole-24!

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Happy Birthday Cole! 24 years ago you came into this world and have been entertaining us ever since. Geez that makes me feel old! When you were born the cord was around your neck and you were quite blue until they got you breathing. And ever since then you have been entertaining us and whenever we think about you "I'm standing and I can't shut up" seems to come to mind. Think you will ever live that saying down? Oh what fun we've had at the river on weekends. Anyway, may you have a great, enjoyable day and enjoy this beautiful weather! And may you have many, many more to celebrate. Love you!

****This picture I took last year of you on your birthday with the cheesecake that I made you. It was also the last year for presents from Momma since you are now an old married man. Enjoy that Carhart coat since it is your last birthday gift from me. Don't worry, when you have kids they will get plenty of presents from Grandma!!!! Birthdays are for kids anyways!


Sharon Madsen said...

Happy Birthday Cole! I hope 'someone' made you
a cake at least!

Kay said...

I did make him a cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top. Kyle and Taylor took it over there when they went over for supper. Yep, Cole invited everyone BUT Mom & Dad. I'll remember that the next time I'm thinking about inviting them over again!!!!!!!