Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Monday

Here is a few pics of Ava before we left for the weekend and then with her Daddy when I had to hand her over tonight. I swear she changes and grows so much in just a couple of days. I really do not remember that happening with my own kids. She is so beautiful. I never had girls so I guess we probably always said how handsome they were. Anyways we are counting down the days until vacation and it sounds like all of the kids and Ava will make it for part of it. That is so great! Looking forward to a fun filled 4th of July weekend with Colorado family and also spending 10 days on the houseboat with my Bruce. We will have a great time. Everyone have a great week!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Foto

Took this picture when Ty got home on his birthday and we were cutting the birthday cheesecake. She always likes to be on this bar stool at the island because she likes to just be close to all of us when in the kitchen. She also is nosy and has to see what is going on. No new pictures of baby Ava to post as haven't seen her in a few days (insert very sad face here). I have a bag of brand new clothes her Aunt Pam picked up (quit spoiling her already please I can't keep up with you!) for her that we were supposed to deliver but haven't been able to see her. Hoping everyone has a good weekend. We are hoping for good luck putting our motor back together on the houseboat and verifying what we think the real problem is and getting it fixed before vacation. Have a great day!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler Sweet 16

I cannot believe the baby of the family turns 16 and will be leaving home in two years.  Dad and I have to get rid of this big house for sure then!  You have been and still are such a special treat of a son to watch grow up and your passion for sports is amazing.  Doesn't hurt that you are an amazing athlete at whatever sport you put your heart into!  I guess ever since you sat in the middle of the gravel road intersection and I told you to move or you would get ran over and you looked all directions and said "no I not!" we should have known we had trouble on our hands.  Or when we travelled to Missouri with Grandma & Grandpa Odneal in their white Cadillac and every time we stopped you said "Me out, me out!".  And then just walked into the pool at the hotel when we got there.  And fully clothed I jumped in to get you.  But you have been such a joy to watch growing up and we have loved every minute of our kids busy lives for sure.  I know your brothers and family mean the world to you and you do to all of us.  Keep that sensitive side of you okay?  Always keep that passion and heart that you have also.  And some common sense and good judgement never hurts either which you have proven to us you also have.  Anyway I could go on .forever, but for you our last "baby", I hope you have a great day and am looking forward to taking you to a late lunch even if it only involves DQ or something!  We all love you and you are GREAT!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley

I totally stole this picture from SIL Sharon as I don't have any very good  pictures of the "new" little family.  Happy Birthday to our DIL Ashley who is now the proud Momma to baby Ava Nicole.  May you have a great day and maybe Cole could let you take a nap, or just do something nice for yourself!  Of course just looking at Ava probably keeps that beautiful smile on your face without adding anything else.  Have a special day you pretty new Momma!  Oh and Happy Father's Day to first time Daddy Cole and to my FIL Jr., oh and to all daddy's out there.  May you have an awesome day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Foto That Almost Wasn't

Gizmo got to meet Ava for the first time last night and I'm not sure what she thought of her.  She may have been a little bit jealous.  She did however crawl right on Ava's blanket that was on the floor by her carseat.  So maybe she is just confused and doesn't know what to think.  She will just have to get used to her.  Anyways the reason this title is the "friday foto that almost wasn't" is that we ended up with people over last night far too late and I didn't get hardly anything done that I needed and wanted to.  I uploaded photos much later than I should have been up and so only three made it to where I could access them from work.  Oh well.  Ty had a nice bonfire with quite a few friends and I know that they had a good time.  And the fact that you cannot even tell they had one the next morning makes it so that we don't mind at all if he has one every night.  Well maybe not EVERY night but they do a great job cleaning everything up after.  Everyone have a great weekend.  I'm hoping the rain stays away during the day and Bruce gets our houseboat motor back together and running with no problems.  Yep I don't ask for much do I?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome To The World Ava

Our first Grandbaby was born Saturday morning June 11, 2011 at 7:45 AM. Her name is Ava Nicole and she came into the world weighing only 5 pounds 9 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. Yep she is a beautiful little peanut but very healthy despite her small size! She was supposed to be born June 14th (tomorrow by induction) but decided Friday afternoon that it was time to come into the world. We are so very excited to be grandparents and I'm sure she won't be spoiled at all! She is a very precious little girl and we couldn't be happier for Cole & Ashley. Oh and the fact that they only live a few blocks from us makes it even sweeter. I think they might just get sick of seeing Grandma in no time! I hope not though because I certainly don't plan on staying away. Welcome to the world little precious and beautiful Ava Nicole. We love you and are so happy to finally meet and hold you! Now be a good sleeper for Mom & Dad!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Foto

Kyle was very fortunate to be able to go on vacation with Taylor and her family (THANK YOU Taylor's family!) for two weeks to Oregon and California this past two weeks.  It was his first time seeing the Pacific Ocean and I thought this was a great picture of him, Taylor, and her brothers looking at it.  He got to experience Utah, Las Vegas (boring for them under 21), and much more in between.  So very glad that they include him in their vacations because of course we are pretty much river people for our summer vacation and the kids just don't get it since we spend every weekend there usually.  We have done the Dells a few times and had a great time but you can only repeat that so many times!  Hoping Bruce figures out the motor this weekend to the houseboat so that we actually have a running and moving boat for vacation in July.  Everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baseball Summer Again

Finally made it to a baseball game of Ty's tonight and Cole went with me.  It was fun to see him and the team play and brought back memories from when he was younger.  I remember buying all the catching gear for him and a big baseball bag when he was in little league.  Yep he is an athlete and I had fun watching him again.  Of course I enjoy watching most any sport (well okay not golf on TV that is lame!) and it was windy as all get out so we ate a lot of dust!  Big brother asked Ty if he ever gets to swing (he bunted every time) and Ty wasn't very happy with him.  But I will say that Ty did score the first run for WV!  I think I will be attending some more games when they are at home.  Isn't it ridiculous how many games are held in a season for baseball?  I would go broke just paying to get into each game if I went to them all.  Everyone have a nice Wednesday!  By next Wednesday we just maybe should be grandparents.  Baby Ava will be here soon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Week!

Yes I am a serious pontoon driver as you can see. I think I actually was probably messing with the photographer but whatever. Hoping to be able to spend some time blogging my photos from recently this week. We will see how it goes. I do have to say that even though our boat motor might be SHOT, I had a very good weekend with family and friends once again. Thank you to all of you for your love always. What would the river be without you all? Pretty boring I think. And to whoever put sunscreen on my husband today (Brad) you didn't do a very good job! But that is okay since I wouldn't have known any difference until he told me. Yep I had a great day. Maybe too good of one. Good thing Bruce loves me!
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Foto

This is how Bruce gets me back for all of the photos I take of him sleeping on the couch! Sunday night he ran a friend of ours home from the marina and stopped by a local establishment in Lansing for a few beverages with him. I tried as hard as I could to stay awake and even opened my new BH&G magazine. But he was gone around two hours and there was no way after that long day I could stay awake. I happened to look through my pictures Monday morning and gave him all kinds of crap. Although I don't know why since I would have done the exact same thing. And he was like "what I gave you a pillow"! Yeah he did and put it on top of me because he said he couldn't lift my head to put it under. Seriously? He is a strong guy and I don't care how "out" I was. I don't think he tried very hard! Anyway the weekend is here again and since we didn't come home from the river until Tuesday night I have been stressing and trying to get things done around here. So once again no blogging time! Summer is just too crazy I guess. Everyone have a great weekend. My goal is to not let this happen again and Bruce grab the camera!!!!!
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