Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Foto

Took this picture when Ty got home on his birthday and we were cutting the birthday cheesecake. She always likes to be on this bar stool at the island because she likes to just be close to all of us when in the kitchen. She also is nosy and has to see what is going on. No new pictures of baby Ava to post as haven't seen her in a few days (insert very sad face here). I have a bag of brand new clothes her Aunt Pam picked up (quit spoiling her already please I can't keep up with you!) for her that we were supposed to deliver but haven't been able to see her. Hoping everyone has a good weekend. We are hoping for good luck putting our motor back together on the houseboat and verifying what we think the real problem is and getting it fixed before vacation. Have a great day!
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