Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Foto

Kyle was very fortunate to be able to go on vacation with Taylor and her family (THANK YOU Taylor's family!) for two weeks to Oregon and California this past two weeks.  It was his first time seeing the Pacific Ocean and I thought this was a great picture of him, Taylor, and her brothers looking at it.  He got to experience Utah, Las Vegas (boring for them under 21), and much more in between.  So very glad that they include him in their vacations because of course we are pretty much river people for our summer vacation and the kids just don't get it since we spend every weekend there usually.  We have done the Dells a few times and had a great time but you can only repeat that so many times!  Hoping Bruce figures out the motor this weekend to the houseboat so that we actually have a running and moving boat for vacation in July.  Everyone have a great weekend!

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Sharon Madsen said...

Fun! Maybe you need a bigger boat that will go in the ocean!