Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler Sweet 16

I cannot believe the baby of the family turns 16 and will be leaving home in two years.  Dad and I have to get rid of this big house for sure then!  You have been and still are such a special treat of a son to watch grow up and your passion for sports is amazing.  Doesn't hurt that you are an amazing athlete at whatever sport you put your heart into!  I guess ever since you sat in the middle of the gravel road intersection and I told you to move or you would get ran over and you looked all directions and said "no I not!" we should have known we had trouble on our hands.  Or when we travelled to Missouri with Grandma & Grandpa Odneal in their white Cadillac and every time we stopped you said "Me out, me out!".  And then just walked into the pool at the hotel when we got there.  And fully clothed I jumped in to get you.  But you have been such a joy to watch growing up and we have loved every minute of our kids busy lives for sure.  I know your brothers and family mean the world to you and you do to all of us.  Keep that sensitive side of you okay?  Always keep that passion and heart that you have also.  And some common sense and good judgement never hurts either which you have proven to us you also have.  Anyway I could go on .forever, but for you our last "baby", I hope you have a great day and am looking forward to taking you to a late lunch even if it only involves DQ or something!  We all love you and you are GREAT!

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