Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baseball Summer Again

Finally made it to a baseball game of Ty's tonight and Cole went with me.  It was fun to see him and the team play and brought back memories from when he was younger.  I remember buying all the catching gear for him and a big baseball bag when he was in little league.  Yep he is an athlete and I had fun watching him again.  Of course I enjoy watching most any sport (well okay not golf on TV that is lame!) and it was windy as all get out so we ate a lot of dust!  Big brother asked Ty if he ever gets to swing (he bunted every time) and Ty wasn't very happy with him.  But I will say that Ty did score the first run for WV!  I think I will be attending some more games when they are at home.  Isn't it ridiculous how many games are held in a season for baseball?  I would go broke just paying to get into each game if I went to them all.  Everyone have a nice Wednesday!  By next Wednesday we just maybe should be grandparents.  Baby Ava will be here soon!

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