Monday, April 11, 2011

My New Necklace-Coolest EVER!

 My SIL Sharon put a picture of the necklace that I got her on her blog so I had to do the same. The day after she got my present of a necklace with a stamped camera charm, initial "s" charm, and a pearl charm she sent this necklace for me. How awesome. I cannot tell you how often I have already worn this and plan to continue to very often. I LOVE it! The picture does not do it justice as I had trouble getting any good shots without the glare on the bathroom vanity where I was taking pictures. It is really cool though. I haven't had much blog worthy material lately so this week may be pretty boring for any that check this site regular. I did snap a couple pictures at the track meet tonight but the sun was right in my eyes when I tried to get any of Ty. I did get a good picture right out of the blocks of our "other" son Kenny. And so yep my SIL gave me this cool camera necklace because I do love taking pictures everywhere that I go. And lately I just don't have anything to take pictures of to blog about. Bruce, Louie, and Ray are heading to the river Wednesday to move our houseboats. Hoping to send my little camera with for some shots! The flooding may end up being far worse than we had hoped, and the docks we are parked at only can go up so high before our boats and the docks would be floating loose. Bruce decided that I should not go and I think he is definitely right. I would be too nervous and I hate high water. It scares me to death. One of my biggest fears is to drown. That and to die in a fire. Yep I worry about stupid crap like that. No wonder I have a bit of a problem sleeping well like a normal person does. Have a great week. I get to go get taxes done tomorrow and hoping that they find a refund instead of paying in like I found doing it myself online. Mantra for the day....refund, refund, refund. Don't I wish it were that easy! Happy Tuesday. 

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Sharon Madsen said...

REFUND!! There, I said it for you. I'm glad you like the necklace too.