Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Fotos

It is spring so I'm afraid my posts will be of flowers blooming and warm outdoor stuff. Yippee!!! About time. These are my daffodils that I snapped last weekend ready to bloom. Bruce went out tonight while I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper and cut some for me. Yep he is nice like that most of the time! You can be jealous. Anyway I was able to make three vases of flowers out of what he brought in and they smell incredible. Oh and they also spruce up the kitchen, dining room, and master bathroom where I put them. I love spring and seeing all of the flowers and plants bloom in the yard and around the house. Have a great weekend. Sounds like pretty warm temperatures but might get some rain. A little would be okay to "green" things up but I prefer none up north. The river flooding is still a concern for us houseboaters. Enjoy your flowers that are blooming!

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