Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Football Season

Last Friday night WV played at Maquoketa Valley. Our JV had the first points scored on them this season in the opening quarter. We were actually behind 8-0. That doesn't happen to this team. But our boys ended up getting it together after that first other team score, and won 54-8. Ty had 3 touchdowns (woo hoo!) but got credit for a 4th that wasn't his. Sorry Ethan! I'm sorry to report that our varsity boys had their first loss of the season. I think they must have not been prepared and maybe thought that it wouldn't be a tough game. At least that is what it looked like. Hopefully they can shake that first loss off and get a big win this week to get their confidence back. I really hate the end of the summer, but I do love football season and watching Ty and his classmates play ball. And do they know football. That is one talented class of athletes in the class of 2013! Cannot wait to watch your junior and senior years. Go WV Warriors!

*****Ty is #32 on JV and #36 for Varsity-These are all JV pictures.

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