Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Foto

So here are my flowers for our 20th from Bruce that were delivered on September 29th. Still look pretty excellent, don't they? I plucked out a few of the roses that were wilted before I snapped this picture yesterday, but seriously this bouquet still looks great. I use to get so mad at Bruce for wasting money on ordering me flowers. I told him to at least order a plant so that I could keep it forever. So he switched to that, and suddenly I ended up with too many plants in the house. I told him to NOT order any more anything for me and waste money. Well he pretty much has stuck to my wishes for quite a long time. Once in a while a bouquet would show up for special occasions but not often enough to make me mad. Yes ladies, I think flowers regularly is overkill! Make me dinner one night or fold a load of laundry. Not that means something! But anyway, I have no idea where I was going with this but everyone have a great Friday and weekend. And savor the flower bouquets that last just like a wonderful relationship that lasts. There, I guess that is where I was going with that?! Enjoy your weekend.
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