Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Hump Day

This is Ashley's cheesecake from Saturday nights dinner that she decorated with some caramel topping and chocolate that I had. I think she bought the cheesecake (sorry Ash if you did make it-can't recall!) It was yummy. They picked up some beef shoulder tenders from Fareway Saturday and so as usual we had to have a nice spread of food for dinner Saturday night. It was awesome. It is nice to be spending some time at home on the weekends so we get to see the "kids" more often and hang out with them. I wonder when we will lose that "cool to hang out with" status? Does it happen at 50, 60, 70? I really don't know. We still spend a lot of time with Mom and Dad Odneal and enjoy it, but we are all at our houseboats together every weekend and pretty much have to see each other all the time. Maybe they do still enjoy us because we are pretty much gone every weekend in the summer? Maybe they miss us? Nope, I think they really miss my cooking and food. Too bad it isn't my sparkling personality! Oh well. Can't have everything. Everyone have a great Wednesday!
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TRICH said...

That is what I love about you your sparkling personality! Muuuh