Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Football

Tonight Wapsie played N. Linn at home. Tyler had an excellent game. And we won 62-7. Tyler had his first two (yep I said 2) varsity touchdowns tonight, 101 yards rushing, was in on 11 tackles with 5 on his own (not comfirmed stats), and just basically got to play all 4 quarters and did an excellent job. Hopefully we will see him playing alot for the last two games against Turkey Valley and Starmont. Should be some exciting last two regular season games. Let's go Wapsie Valley in the post season! And it was nice to get to see so many JV players get to get some play time in at home. You all did great. And hopefully our injured players will be back strong for next week!***Again Ty is #36-and once again my batteries died way too early!  Damn!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Well - crap! I told Bart we should go to this game - and then we got distracted.... damn life.

Kay said...

Its okay Sharon. We had no idea that he would play the whole game either. He did awesome. You could road trip with us next Friday if you want. I guess we won't know about playing status until Ty tells us. My pics suck though. My camera and I lately have a terrible love/hate relationship I guess!