Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

I'm not a big fan of Halloween and dreaded it actually when the kids were little and having to dress them up in costumes they hated, walk from house to house to house so they could fill up a bag with candy that they didn't need! SO glad that we have been done with that for a long time. I do however every year get out the witch and pumpkin crafts that my Mom made for me. And this year I made up some treat baggies for my office co-workers and bosses. I would have been more creative but I decided to do it on Thursday night around 8:30 so pumpkins out of construction paper and sandwich baggies was all they got. With candy of course! I'm sure they will enjoy them. And don't you love the witch wall hanging? She is so ugly that she is cute. This picture doesn't do her nose justice. It is large and has a black wart on it that sticks up. I wish sometimes that I had my Mom's creative genes but apparently I didn't because I struggle every time I even do a scrapbook page to come up with something unique and creative. Apparently I got my Dad's throw it all together cooking skills instead. Oh well. Can't have it all I guess. Everyone have a Happy Halloween and don't eat too much candy!
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