Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Foto

This picture is Bruce getting back at me for all of the photos that I take of him sleeping with or without the cats on the couch! The other night I was feeling exhausted so made the mistake of laying down on the couch instead of heading to bed (Absolutely cannot go to bed at 9:30, right? Just have to stay up for the news! Or try in my case.), and Gadget climbed on the couch with me and then cuddled right up by my face apparently! Don't we both look so peaceful? Niether of us can be called a little bitch (we call Gadg that alot!) when we look like this. Maybe I should nap on the couch more often. For me it is a very rare occurence. I bet Gadget wouldn't mind if I did more often. Everyone have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth while we still have it around!
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TRICH said...

I love this photo you look so comfy and I am so glad that Bruce captured you napping he kinda owes you!

I was missing the posts so I am happy to hear you are back on track :)