Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Miss You-One Of My Flowers For You Mom

I hate to admit it but over the years I seem to be pretty good at just putting the dates out of my mind to ease the agony. On this date in 1999 I got the most awful telephone call at my work from my Grandma (my Mom's Mother) screaming to me that my Mom was dead. And telling me that "of course she is since noone was here with her all the time". Let me just say that I think to this day that was THE VERY WORST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Yes I forgave my Grandma because after all it was her daughter she had to find, and noone can or should have to endure that. But it really hurt very deep for a very long time. I had taken Mom that week to a doctor appointment and we had eaten "happy meals" at George Wyth per her request. She knew her health was bad and her prognosis not good (she had asked her doctor that day), and I treasure the memory of her and I stopping after our lunch and helping a turtle off of the road to safety. I hope his fate was much better than my Momma's, but I am so glad that day that she changed her mind from taking home take-out Chinese food and us taking the time to enjoy our meals together on a picnic table at the park. She was worried I needed to get home to my kids and husband! I love and miss you every day and I thank you for helping me be the woman that I am today. You were a very classy lady Shirley!
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