Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Winter Change

Okay I am the worst picture taker of myself always, but for some stupid reason I always try when I have a new "do" I want to blog about. So today I went and got my hair "darker" like my roots for winter. And decided I was getting bored and might cut it all off (Bruce would not like that), so I got bangs. Yep I really liked it the way my stylist did it but I can guarantee everyone it will not look as good when I do it tomorrow morning. Or ever again for that matter. She is awesome. Kudos to Julie at Visions Salon in Fairbank. You rock! And of course I snapped these a few hours after I got home and had changed to my sweats so maybe she wouldn't want any kudos! Oh well. Sometimes you just have to change things up. When I pulled in the driveway and opened up the garage Bruce came out and asked who was driving his wifes car. I think he might need some time to get used to me being dark haired and bangs again. Oh well. At least he noticed. Sometimes he doesn't say a word and Tyler is the one that notices right away. As he did tonight when he walked in the house!
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