Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seagull (I had mislabled it a pelican my bro Rick informed me!)

I took so many pictures that were failures on the way to Ferryville and back Sunday trying to get some of the seagulls (again corrected from pelican) on the buoys. This one seems to be pretty good and shows how bad the weeds are this year. We had to lift the motor on the back of the pontoon to get them off every so often on our little brunch trip. But we had a great time and I love getting pictures of the wildlife as you all know. We listed our houseboat on Craigs List today and I sent pictures and a description to some people we met from Guttenburg Marina that said they would make and post something there for us. We really can vision gutting another houseboat, and liked the one we went to look at Saturday. So I guess we have to get serious now about getting ours sold. If it is meant to be sold and us to tackle another one then it will happen! Happy Tuesday you all!
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