Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Yes I was at the houseboat on their actual anniversary of August 1st, but I definitely thought about them and even meant to text both. Well I failed miserably as we got busy with company and I forgot. So a very "Happy Anniversary" to Cole and Ashley. May you have a hundred more (well okay lets be realistic!), but I hope you enjoyed your first one celebrating it together. You both are very special and I love you both to death. Always respect each other and be that extra little bit of overly "nice" to each other and you will do just fine. Now can you get working on those grandbabies already???????? People were laughing at the amount of sandtoys that I have on the houseboat and my kids are 24, 19, and 15! Grandma needs someone to play with the toys already!!!!!
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