Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Foto

This is pretty much what I have picked out of the garden so far for this year. Usually (well except for last years fail!) I pick TONS of tomatoes and peppers every year that the garden produces like it should. I've picked some other jalapenos this year but my garden honestly looks pretty sad. I think next year we need to bring in some new black dirt and manure to get the soil rich and good again. Won't that be fun? I know you are all very jealous now. My sister in law Helen has been giving me cucumbers like crazy and I am going to pickle those next week. She wants some jalapenos so I'm really hoping that the whole one (or two) plants that actually are producing has more on there next week! If not I guess I will be heading to a local farmers market and buying some and telling her they are mine! Don't worry, if I did do that I can't keep a secret like that very well or lie very good for that matter at all, so I'm pretty sure she would know they weren't mine within the hour of giving them to her. Well, maybe I'd wait and let her show people the "beautiful" jalapenos that I gave her. But I would tell her I promise!!!! Like when she is 70 maybe and won't remember! Everyone have a great weekend!
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