Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Water Volleyball Fun

I finally went up to the office and got my pictures off of my memory card. I know, such a big chore. But I had to clean the litter box and check out Ty's room so I thought I should get it done. On Saturday it was an absolutely beautiful day on the river. Early in the day I went with my friend Linny on a backwater boat ride just to relax and chat. It was fun. We ended up meeting up with Bruce out on the sandbar he parked at with other friends of ours. They always set up a net and we play either makeshift volleyball or badmitten (also makeshift with a little rubber ball), but we always have a great time doing it and stay cool in the process. I asked Bruce to get some pictures with my camera since I was playing at first, and the only one I seemed to see me in was the top left of this collage and I'm sitting out having a beverage! Oh well, and least he took some. I just better get used to the fact that I am the picture taker and not usually in them. One day when I'm gone the kids will say to themselves "where the heck was Mom in all these pictures? I know she was there!" I guess by him not being a big picture snapper of me I don't have to suck in my gut or worry about what I look like much out on the beach. Like I ever do that anyways. I'm a no makeup no hairdo gal when at the river. No wonder I love summer so much. Winter requires too much work!!
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