Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Delights

Helen sent home a yellow squash with me from the river last weekend, and I love them and refuse to waste great things that grow in our gardens, so.......I chopped it up with some onion and a pepper from my garden and sauteed it with some seasoning salt, garlic, and pepper. Well it was part of our supper that night of boneless chops marinated with carribean jerk and "my" grill potatoes and lets just say supper was phenomenal. I know, when is it not at my house, right? Well, Ty isn't a big squash fan but will try anything and loved it. Bruce totally really only likes potatoes and peppers stuffed with something meaty and normally won't try anything "yellow" and with the name of "squash". Well, guess what......he thought the stir fried squash was great. I think he may have even taken leftovers of it in his lunch. Wait, I think I did and there was hardly any left. I love summer veggies and gardens. We should live somewhere that I can grow or get fresh stuff year round. I guess that might be what retirement will be like, huh???? Too bad we have like 25 years to experience that. You retired people suck!!!!! (I am just kidding of course. I'm just jealous of you all!) Keep eating your veggies out of gardens like mine!
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