Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Summer Fun

You always hear about "party coves" around lakes and everywhere. Well, we have our own "party cove" in Lansing. When the water is up runabouts and houseboats can drive right into it and park. This weekend we parked on the corner to the cove both days that we took the houseboat out. It was perfect! And what beautiful weather. We had a great time with great people and friends as usual. So for all of you Prairie people that line up that "party volleyball sandbar" (the one that quite possibly might have been the end to many a marriage over the years!), we have a good time in Lansing too and have many more sandbars than you will ever have. Check us out. On second thought don't! We kind of like not having to fight for a spot every weekend. Happy Hump Day!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Whatcha reading? looks like a western like your brothers read. And looks like you need a new 'kyle' bookmark.
We are coming to the Caley weekend with Rick and Pam - consider this your rsvp.
Guess we're getting a hotel room. Pam says!

Mrs. G. said...

That's it! I need to find a party cove in my area. What fun photos.