Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fish Days Fireworks

We stayed out on the sandbar Saturday night and this is the only picture that I snapped of the Lansing Fish Days fireworks. They looked awesome from where we were at (what we could see with all the trees around us!), but this is really the only one that came out at all. The famous Lansing bridge is on the right. Looking so forward to next weekend spending time with ALL of my brothers in Lansing on the sandbar. And their wives of course! Wish they could all make it up more often, but everyone knows how that goes. And since my one sister in law is taking over the food pretty much, I kind of feel like I'm just going to be the hostess with great Bloody Mary's and drinks if anyone needs one. Nothing wrong with that is there? Usually I am always cooking, so it will be nice to have the food brought to me for a change. Hope you are looking forward to your weekend like I am to mine! And I pretty much win hands down on the best Bloody Mary's around in the marina (well in my own mind since I've been told over and over!). Even the virgin ones that I make for my boys (when do we have to quit calling them "boys"?) all the time (I've been known to forget the Vodka anyway right Helen?). Oh thank goodness everything seems to improve with age!!!!! Well my Bloody Mary's certainly have, and I know that my husband thinks that I have. NOT!!!!!!! Or do you honey??????
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