Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Ladies

Here we have my daughter in law Ashley, and my brother side sister in laws Diane, Pam, and Sharon on our houseboat ride Sunday when we were ending our weekend. All of these ladies are great and I enjoy each of them for many different reasons. Ashley really loves me for how close I am with my kids and the time I put into being involved with their lives (at least I think she does-she has told me how different we are than her family), Diane has known me pretty much FOREVER (okay, I was like 3 and had hair down to my rear in MN and she thought I was cute then and still loves me now!), Pam I have almost known FOREVER (I was in their wedding like before puberty or something-Sorry!), and Sharon that is the awesomest photographer I have ever known and has always taken care of our kids when needed, or really done anything with pictures and that the many years I have known her. So I know this doesn't do any of these wonderful ladies justice since they are on a houseboat after a weekend on the sandbar, but I love all you gals and am so thankful you are all in my life! Thank you for wanting to spend time with all of our crazy crew since I know that you realize how important family time is to me!
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