Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snapper Mower

So Bruce picked up this mower from Mom & Dad O's this afternoon (Tuesday) to try and sell it for them since he found it for them to buy and apparently Jr. didn't like mowing with it so found himself a used John Deere instead. (breathe) Well during Bruce's road trip with the boys to Wally World, he of course picked up paint to spruce it up with. And he took some pictures of it to email to a guy at work that is interested in it. He said they didn't have to be blog worthy, but come on. Pretty much anything that goes on around here makes the blog. Especially if it doesn't happen at the river! So here are pictures of the Snapper lawn mower. And I will tell you that I found out tonight that Bruce can do awesome wheelies on pretty much anything, and Kyle......well, not so much!!! ***On another note look how close he parked my new bike to the wet paint! UGGHHHHH!!! And apparently it is okay to spray paint with my car in the garage! GGGRRRRRRR!!! And now we have a red garage floor. Aren't you all jealous as heck???????? ****UPDATE****Sold it Wednesday night to our neighbor, but Bruce threw the sign away when he said he wanted it and hasn't seen any cash or that neighbor back to get it!!!!!!! Oh and I took the bike out tonight and LOVE IT!!!!!!! I think I have the coolest bike in town. Think Bruce will haul it to the river for me every weekend?????? Just kidding!

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Sharon Madsen said...

I think your bike is the coolest too! I have one that Bart is 'supposed' to get going for me - but I want him to ride with me and don't think that's happening!