Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Turtle

This is a baby leatherback turtle that Bruce caught on the sandbar Saturday. Yes, more Memorial Day weekend pictures. But believe me I didn't take as many as normal as I was quite under the weather as they say all day Sunday. And it wasn't from alcohol for all of you thinking that! I have a nasty cold! Anyways, this little turtle was so cute. And Bruce does have big hands, but my gosh this thing was little. This weekend he and the kids caught all kinds of critters right on the beach. Crawdads, Willow Cat, Turtles, and Minnows. As far as fishing goes this past weekend, not so much! We had fish fly hatches on the river and the fish weren't biting much of what we had for them to eat on poles when they had all they wanted on top of the water. And oh my goodness the stench each morning when the dead fish flies were just piled up along the sandbar. Let's just say "yuck" and it totally is a smell you never forget!!!! But I guess when you spend your weekends on the river you do what you have to do. Oh the sacrifices. The baby leatherback turtle totally was worth putting up with the nasty smelling fish flies!!!
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