Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moon Rising On The Mississippi

Friday night our houseboat was the only one that stayed overnight on the beach so we of course had a fire so that we could have s'mores with our Colorado family that were visiting for the holiday weekend, and just because of course we always have a bonfire when we stay out on the sandbar. When the moon started rising behind the trees and bluff it was just an awesome sight. I took many pictures to try to catch it before, during, and after all while the barge was coming up river. These are the ones that came out the best. It was a much more beautiful sight than my photography skills could capture, but I just had to share. We enjoy sights like these regularly when at the river. I guess that is why we look forward to summers so much and spending relaxing weekends on the sandbar with family and friends. Hope everyone had a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. And glad that we got to share campfires with our family members from Colorado that we do not see often enough. Emily & Vicente can come to our bonfire for s'mores and stay on our houseboat anytime!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Very Pretty! I like the one with the barge best