Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Bike

So Bruce decided to go along with the boys to Waverly tonight to get some stuff at Wally World, and when they got home he said they had something that I needed to help them unload. I knew something was up but I had no idea that it would be something cool for me. I figured they had something crazy or gross and wanted to freak me out. Well, to my pleasant surprise Bruce bought me a new bike. I love to go for a ride sometimes instead of walking and I wanted him to fix the old one and he hadn't. So what a sweet thing for him to do. I guess he gets some "atta boys" for a while. Never mind the fact that he told me the real reason he bought it for me was so that he didn't have to fix mine! Gee and I thought it was just because "he loves me, he really loves me"!!!!!!!
Bruce snapped this one in the garage after I took my little tool around town (never mind all the crap in our garage). But Jillian was on so I only went for a few minutes. I'll make sure and get a good long ride in tomorrow!!! Thanks again to my sweetie for thinking about me while at Wally World. Too bad he didn't remember the miracle gro for my garden. Oh well, can't have everything!!!!!!!
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The Hanselmann Family said...

I got a bike around Easter time. I love it! We go biking all the time now.