Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Kitty's

Thursday night we were all outside-me messing with garden stuff, Kyle & Taylor hangin' out, Bruce deciding to go back to the shop to work or not, and then Cole showed up. Well, sometimes when he shows up we just all have to hang around and listen to him because it usually is entertaining if nothing else. These are a few pictures I (and we-Kyle) snapped of our beloved cats tonight. Gadget & the big bunny were actually a few feet apart when I snapped the bunny. Good thing that Gadget only likes to "eat" baby bunnies. Tonight Kyle called her over to show him one she had in her mouth and she let it down to show him, and "yes" it ran away like crazy. Wouldn't you? Yay baby bunny! I hate it that she gets so many every year, but I'm sure seriously that my garden actually loves it! I guess maybe we should get more cats????? Because Gizmo is no killer and I really hate when the rabbits eat my stuff!!!!!!!! Although I really never will get used to seeing dead baby bunnies around the yard with their brains eaten out. Why don't I like puppies??????????? Everyone have a great weekend without any bunny eating kitty's!!!!
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