Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birthday Cheesecakes

Here are Ashley & Tyler's Birthday cheesecakes that I made for each of them. I didn't get a picture of Ash with hers as I delivered it to her fridge since she gets home late from work and I wanted her to have a piece when she got there if she wanted. Tyler ended up going upstairs to bed on his birthday night without wanting a piece, so we did it on Tuesday night shortly after supper. It was yummy! I'm glad that my kids are out of wanting a frosted cake and all are very happy with a box cheesecake made by Mom. They taste great and are made with love, and hey I even put fresh strawberries on the top! And once again a heads up for people. Name brand box cheesecake almost $4, Aldi's cheesecakes $1.49, and they have the fresh strawberries there very reasonable. And you cannot tell the difference I swear. And my kids will too! Yep, I am a bargain seeker and finder. And not ashamed of it I must say! Oh, and Tyler ended up having a pretty good birthday for only being his 15th and lame (his thoughts)! And I think he enjoyed his lunch and shopping with Mom even though he may never admit it. And his brother Kyle got him a couple presents that he loved. I'd say a memorable 15th. Yay! Oh, and Ashley's was a quarter of a century birthday. I'm sure she will appreciate me telling everyone that. Oh well!
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