Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our River Pets

We do not take our cats to the houseboat with us on the weekends, but our neighbors and friends have animals that seem to like to visit us and hang out on our boat. Here is Penny the dog who lives beside our boat, and Tom the cat that lives directly across the dock from us. We love all the neighbors pets and don't mind at all that they are comfortable "visiting" us and hanging out. Bruce always says that we aren't dog people, but we sure seem to attract them to our boat. I'll take Phoebe, Bear, Duke, Lizzie, Ronnie, and Penny any time they want to visit. And the only one that isn't very friendly is Tom. He reminds us of our Gadget. Just look at me because I don't want to be petted!!!! And I say there are attitudes when the kids visit. I think the animals show their attitudes far more and get away with it easier!!
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