Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Foto

Here is some more proof that my SIL Sharon is an awesome photographer. On Easter we had her take some family pictures for us (as usual), and she did this collage of us Odneal's, and a great family picture she put together also. Oh, and she made a note pad out of the family picture photo, but I don't think that I can use the notepad. It is just too nice! I think I definitely owe my SIL once again for always being willing to take pics for us and doing an awesome job. You can all (yep all 4 of you here daily) contact her through my sidebar blog list digitalmom, and her photography website is also there-Romantic Images. She is great and always open for ideas and fun! Obviously if your aren't in the area she wouldn't do you much good! Everyone have a great weekend as usual. You know where we will be. And Kyle & Taylor are coming for the weekend since they can't come the 4th. They are coming to a "cocktail party" with us at a house right on the river (our great river friends Steve & Gary) that always have a great spread and turnout. Noone is allowed to bring anything. Hope they don't get too bored with us "old" folks. At least we have our DD's if we need them back to the marina! Hoping for great weather for everyone! And the party. Have fun all!
**Update-Sharon sent me the actual picture she took so I changed it and took out my picture of the "picture". Looks much better. Oh, and I don't think Taylor & Kyle are coming now for the weekend. Taylor has to work Saturday and forecast doesn't sound great for Sunday. Oh well!

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Sharon Madsen said...

I'm sending you the file~