Sunday, June 20, 2010


Father's Day is here. Red roses grow in heaven, Lord pick a bunch for me,
place them in my daddy's arm, and tell him they're from me. Tell him
that I love & miss him, and when he turns to smile, place a kiss
upon his cheek & hold him for awhile. Because remembering him is
...easy, I do it every day. There's an ache in my heart that will never go
away. I miss and love you Dad. ♥

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life Bruce (you are the best father!), and to my father in law that I love like my own father, and to my own Daddy that I miss most every day of my life! I cannot believe I've been without my father for 11 years now. It is not fair for sure, but I thank the Lord everyday for my father in law and husband. They are both GREAT fathers!!!!! Love you guys! Hope you both have an enjoyable day with ME!!!!! Let's go fishing or something!!!!!!! Well of course if the forecast was wrong and it is sunny and warm instead of pouring rain, okay?

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